Why you should visit Lithuania?

If you are looking for a holiday inspiration, we have a perfect idea for you. There is a small European country, which is becoming more and more popular among tourists. Many of them simply fall in love with this magical country.
To visit Lithuania, you need to make flights to Vilnius, its capital city. Once you are there, you definitely will not be regretting your decision, as Lithuania has plenty to offer for every visitor. This short article will cover only some examples. You need to remember that there are so much more…! So what to see in Lithuania? There is a small town called Trakai, which used to be a capital city of the country in the past. This city is not only beautifully located (it is surrounded by Lakes), but also has very rich history. There is an amazing castles, where Lithuanian dukes used to live. It is extremely worth to visit also placed called the Rumšiškės, which is an open air ethnographical museum, located very close to Kaunas. You can see there some old rituals (as for example winter-chasing) and old tradition. Altough many countries has similar places, the one n Lithuania is special. Why? The reason is pretty simple – Lithuania was the last European country which accept Christianity. Thanks to this, Lithuanian folklore is especially interesting and rich. Another Lithuanian place worth visiting is Palanga. It is a small seaside town with amazing sandy beaches and great night life. Thanks to this, it is a perfect place to have some fun and chill out!

However, if you are visiting Lithuania, you cannot forget about Vilnius, the capital city of the country. There are also many amazing things to see and activities to do. Undoubtedly, the most famous place there is the Vilnius Old Town. You can either get to know this place by wondering around alone, or take one of organized tourist tours. You can even visit it by special tourist bus! It doesn’t really matter which way you will choose. One thing is for sure- thanks to visiting the Old Town you will have a chance to become familiar with Lithuanian history and culture. You will also have a chance to see amazing baroques pearls as well as to listen to some great local legends. Among them are for example, the legend about the Iron Wolf or the legend about Napoleon’s love to the whole city and Saint Ann’s church. Furthermore, Vilnius Old Town is famous for its great nightlife. There are many clubs, bars and cafes, where you can enjoy a great atmosphere as well as very reasonable price (especially compared to the rest of Europe).