Warsaw – a city of beautiful history

There are many different reasons why it is worth to visit Warsaw. For example, there is a very good night life, with plenty of good clubs and pubs. Once you are there, you can also try Polish traditional, delicious cuisine. And there are much more.
However, Warsaw seems to be particularly interesting for people who are interested in history. The capital of Poland has faced very difficult, also sad, but extremely interesting and fascinating history. In fact, if you are interested in history of Second World War, that might be one of the best place in the entire world to discover it. There are many historical places, which witnessed the crucial historical moments, as well as plenty of extremely good museums, that can “tell” the history and its nuances. Therefore, if you are a fun of history, and you look for a destination for your next holidays, Warsaw seems to be a very good choice. Once you are there, you will definitely agree with it. Furthermore, all of these historical places have one important advantage – you can visit them throughout the year. Therefore, it is totally different than in case of various events and festival. You do not have to go there in a specific part of the year. You can visit Warsaw at any time which is suitable for you, and still discover this amazing places and understand this fascinating history of Warsaw and Poland.mobile-home-259509_640
Probably the best historical museum in Warsaw is known as the Warsaw Uprising Museum. It was opened in 2004, right on the 60th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.  If you visit the museum, you will be able to become familiar with the story and reasons of Warsaw uprising, which was a struggle against Nazi Germany. The audio guide is available in many various language and it is definitely worth to take it, as it will allow you to understand this amazing but also a little complicated history. Another great thing is the fact, that the Warsaw Uprising Museum is interactive. Thanks to this, it is extremely engaging and interesting also for teenagers and eve children. Another museum strongly connected with history, which is definitely worth visiting, is known as POLIN, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.  Probably the best thing about this museum is the fact, that in contrary to most other museums in Europe dedicated to Jews, it does not simply focus on the Holocaust, but on the rich and long history of Jewish presence in Poland. Thanks to this, you will see the history of Polish Jews right from the very beginning.