Vienna – Paris of central Europe

Depending on preferred activities of our, we like to spend our holidays in a different way. Some of us, like to visiting tropical resorts, to lay on a beach entire day and do nothing.  Other people like adventures, therefore are going to exotic places, like Indie or Vietnam, to met different culture. On the other hand, many of tourists better like to enjoy sightseeing in great European metropolis. If you prefer this last option, you are able to try it in very reasonable price, using cheap airline carrier’s connections. On of the most popular destinations is Vienna, capital of Austria.

How to get in there for a penny?

Nowadays, when there are more and more various airline corporations, we can get from one city to another without spending a lot of money on plane tickets. If you like to travel to Vienna, from Warsaw for example, you better schedule your trip several months ahead. In that situation, you are able to find flight for fifty Euro – in both ways! Also, if you like to save even more pocket money, you can choose low season for your journey. Cause in June and September less tourists are traveling then in July or august. Therefore, price of airline tickets and accommodation is far lower. Also, if you are going to Vienna just for couple days, you don’t have to pay for checked in baggage – carry on should be enough for you.

What to see in there?
Some people are saying, that Vienna is Paris of central Europe. Nothing surprising in that, cause it use to be home city of many artists, what may be noticed in art galleries and architecture. If you are a fan of Secession, you need to visit Gustav Klimt’s Museum, where you will be able to admire excellent masterpieces of this talented painter. Also, architecture of this capital is very amazing. Vienna was head quarter of Prussian Kingdom, and because of that, you will find in there many breathtaking palaces of Classicism style. If you are traveling with children, don’t miss Prater, the amusement park. In there, you will have a chance to take a ride on a Big wheel, a symbol of the city. Also, plenty of different game machines and souvenir shops are located in there. Go to Vienna with

If you are looking for nice place to visit during next summer holidays, you won’t find better spot then Vienna. This city has it all – excellent architecture, great attractions for kids, interesting art galleries. If you like your journey to be less expensive, you can use connections of cheap airline companies, available during entire season.