Have a vacation of your life in Moscow

In present times, tourists, also Polish ones, have plenty of possibilities to travel. We can go not only for local seashore or mountains, we can even visit distant continents, without spending a fortune on that. Because of this fact, a lot of as have problem with choosing interesting destination, because of multiples options. If you think you have been almost everywhere, you should consider Russia. Even if this country is really close to Poland, not so much tourists are visiting it. But they should, cause it is amazing place.

If you are considering a trip like that, you need to start looking for cheap flights to Moscow – check on PLL LOT. The capital is one of the greatest places in this country, so you will have a great time in there. To save a lot of money on your tour, you need to fallow certain rules. First of all, try to avoid hot season. Moscow is the most popular during the summertime, so you better choose spring to save on ticket. In May or June, weather in there is really nice, there are fewer people on the streets, so you will enjoy sightseeing better. Also, it will be easier to find proper accommodation, in very reasonable price. Also, if you are going only for a week, you don’t need to spend money on checked baggage. Carry-on option is for free, and you are able to fit in there all your clothing and even some cosmetics.
So you decide to find cheap flights to Moscow, but you are wandering what you are going to do in there? You won’t get bored for sure. First of all, you should start with visiting Red Square, the most important place in entire country. In the middle of it was build Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the greatest example of Orthodox architecture, and true signature, not only of Moscow, but entire Russia. In the older parts of the city, you can also find another Orthodox churches, which will surprise you with their beauty. But Moscow is not only about old building but also about modern one. In the newest district of it, you can find plenty of skyscrapers, which looks amazing. If you like nature, you will be able to admire in this city a lot of interesting parks. You can have a romantic walk with your beloved one, trough long and charming avenues, filled with flowers and trees.

Booking cheap flights to Russia is a perfect method to visit Moscow, the capital of this country. This is city which will be attractive for any type of tourists – older or younger, richer or poorer. It has not only amazing architecture, but also great landscape, you shouldn’t miss this trip.