Which type of the luggage is better?

Since plenty of airline connections, leading to and from Poland were open, people in our country became traveling by plane more often. We are using domestic flights, to get from one city to another. We are using it as our mode of transportation to get on our vacations, not only in Europe, but also in another continents. You are planning your first trip, and you are wandering with type of baggage take on board? This article will make it easier to you.

The most popular, especially among tourists, who are going on shorter trips, is carry on luggage. This is type of bag which is not situated in a storage cabinet, but on board of a plane. You don’t need to check it, it is free of charge. Depending on a carrier, it could has various sizes, but most of the times is a medium valise available. Also, you can have a small bag with you and some laptop if needed. Unfortunately, because this bags we are taking inside of a plane, it could not contains any hazardous materials. You can’t take with you any type of objects with sharp edges, and all the fluids you like to take on board, need to be packed in small, plastic bottles, not bigger then 100 ml each, and collected in plastic, transparent bag.
If you are going on a trip with tourism agency, in most of situations you are able to take checked bag with you, in a price of a tour. In that situation, it is better to take really big valise, cause there is no limits, and leave carry on luggage at home. Cause who want to life two heave valises at once? If you are taking checked baggage, remember to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight, cause you need to live your bag in special place, and sometimes queues to that can be very long. To this type of luggage, you can take some knifes, a lot of liquids and so on, but there are also limits. If you like to take a gun with you, you cannot leave it in there, you need to pay for another type of cargo. The same is with any type of sport equipments. If you are planning to dive, you can take oxygen bottle with you, but entire air need to be bone tired from it. Your valise can be huge, but there is a weight limitation, so check it before your journey.

If you are planning your holidays, one of thing you need to decide is do you better need checked or carry on luggage (tips on www.lot.com)? All depending on your needs, cause if you are going only for couple days, you should be fine with smaller bag. All type of luggage has it limitations, even each carrier can have own regulations, so better read down instructions on your ticket.