Two great reasons to visit Spain

Spain is one of the most famous tourist destination in the entire world. It is famous for amazing museums, historical sites, monuments, landscapes and much more. However, this short articles will present you two other reasons why is it worth to visit Spain. Most likely, you have never even wondered about them before!
First of the reason is the fact, that there are many cheap flights connections available ( Nowadays, thanks to a pretty rough competition between various plane companies, prices of flight tickets are getting really cheap. Obviously, not all the time, but it is relatively easy to find flight tickets for an extremely attractive price. Thanks to those cheap flights Spain is so easily reachable as never before. In the past, many people, who were trying to save some money while visiting Spain, were travelling by bus or car. However, it often took a lot of time and very often – in not very comfortable position. Nowadays, thanks to the cheap flight tickets, you can save not only money, but also plenty of time. Furthermore, those cheap flights are available to many different cities in various regions in Spain. Thanks to that, very often it is not necessary to travel to the capital city and then take another bus or train. Instead of that, you can fly for a cheap price for the region you really want to.

The second reason might be a little more obvious but it is still pretty great – festivals! Spain has some of the most amazing festivals in the entire world. There are so many of them, that it is even impossible to list all of them! One of the most famous festival is undoubtedly the Tomatina. During this festival, literally tons of tomatoes are thrown everywhere. People throw at each other squashed tomatoes just to enjoy themselves! And there is only one rule – you need to squash the tomato first. Otherwise, it might be painful for the person you aim at. Another great, although a little less known festival is called the Sonar Music Festival of Barcelona. The main activity is hold around the Raval District, where  the Museum of Modern Art as well as the Contemporary Culture Centre are located. This is a perfect festival for any music lover. Another amazing festival has even equally amazing name –  Granada’s Ham and Water Festival. It is considered to be the best food festival in the whole contry. The main two attraction are: tasty ham and pure water from the natural spring. Doesn’t it sound great? It surely does! Therefore, you should definitely participate i one of those amazing festivals!