Travel to Krakow in reasonable price

Since Poland become member of European Union, a lot of things had change. Now, we are able to travel whole around the world for a penny, using services of cheap airline corporations. They opened branches in our country, because citizens begin to migrate to another members of EU. But not only trips between other countries became more available. Also domestic connections are cheaper then ever before. Because of that, you shouldn’t miss a chance to visit our former capital.

If you are looking for cheap flights Krakow is excellent destination. It is very popular city, therefore a lot of connections to there are open. Also, it is spot really worth to be visited. To find tickets in the most reasonable price possible, you need to be wise. First of all, choose proper date of your trip. Avoid summertime, like July and August, or Christmas. In that dates, tourists are traveling a lot, therefore prices will be very high. Krakow is situated on the south part of Poland, so during the spring, in May and June, weather also will be lovely. That is why, you should go there then. If you like to save some more money, do not take checked baggage with you, carry on should be enough.
You decide to look for cheap flights Krakow is your city of choice, now it is time to plan your sightseeing. You better start with the main square. In the middle of it, you will have an opportunity to admire Sukiennice, former market place founded in Renaissance period. Nowadays, you can buy in there interesting souvenirs. Couple dozens meters from there, you will find Mary’s Chapel, one of the most brilliant example of Gothic sacral architecture in entire world. It alter, made of stained-glass, is breathtaking. About ten minutes walk from the square, Wawel Hill is situated, with former Royal castle in top of it. This is true signature of the city, very big building, in it dungeons famous Polish citizens were buried. If you are an admirer of art, you need to go to the National Gallery. In regular exhibition, you are able to admire in there da Vinci’s piece, Lady with Ermine, and other great paintings, mostly from Renaissance period. This gallery is also not very far away from the main square.

Krakow is very interesting place to visit, especially if you are Polish citizens – it use to be our capital after all. Although city is very big, all main monuments are situated in the center of it, not far away from each other. If you decide to go there, remember about cheap airline companies.