Szczecin – an interesting idea for a city break

Welcome to Szczecin, a city located in the north-west part of Poland in Zachodniopomorskie region by the Odra River and the Lake Dabie. This article will point out the most significant reasons to visit the city during your city break.

What to visit in Szczecin?

At the beginning, it is worth to start from the Ducal Castle. Its origins are dated back to the twelfth century, later it was rebuilt several times. It consists of two courtyards. Nowadays, the castle is a home for museum and opera. Numerous concerts take place in the historic interiors and in the courtyards, including guitar concerts and an international choir festival.

It is also worth to underline that the tourists do not get bored in Szczecin easily. There numerous events take place, such as sea days. Each year, plenty of ships arrive in Szczecin – the holidaymakers may admire and visit them. There is also a spectacular parade. Moreover, the sea days do not equal only ships. There are also other, different events that take place, for example concerts, fireworks displays, photo exhibitions and many more.

Szczecin is also a place where a lot of cultural events take part. One of the places is definitely the Kasprowicz’s Park where the summer theatre is located. There various concerts where perform the greatest Polish artists take place. It is named after Helena Majdaniec. What is more, in Szczecin you may find the oldest cinema in the world – called Pionier Cinema 1909! It is even placed in the Guinness Book of Records. The cinema operates since the 26th of September 1909. It consists of two rooms: the regular and with the cafe where films are watched at tables, sipping tea, coffee or wine.

When you want to just hang out in Szczecin, it is worth to visit the Chrobry’s Wały. It is a promenade located on the edges of the River Oder. There are numerous high and green trees with charming benches, pubs and souvenir stalls. There you can also see the neo-renaissance building of the voivodship office (it resembles a church or a castle) or step in the National Museum where is also placed the theater, called Teatr Wspolczesny.

Another tourist attraction in Szczecin is aquarium. There, the visitors have the opportunity to see a few hundred species of fish, starfish and sea anemones. It is a perfect place for whole families.

As it can be seen, Szczecin provides a lot of entertainment for its visitors. There is traditional buildings as well as modern forms of entertainment.