Summer holidays in Brussels

At the first weeks of new year, people start to wondering about future vacations. Most of the Polish travelers preferring warm and sunny destinations, situated in southern Europe. However, if you better like to spend the days on sightseeing than on the beach, you should go to one of metropolis, like Brussels for examples. Which interesting attractions are waiting in there?

Buy cheap ticket

Brussels town hallSince last decade a lot of people from Poland move out to the Belgium, for work and study. That is why small airline companies opened plenty of connections between both countries, so you have a chance to travel for a penny. But remember, if you like to pay less, you should choose the date wisely. Hot season months, like July and August are the most popular, therefore the most expensive. June or September are also nice and warm in Brussels, but plane tickets can be even two times cheaper. If you like to save even more cash, remember to book your flight several months earlier, the same is with accommodation.


Belgium is one of the most wealthy countries in entire Europe, that is why it capital, Brussels, is filled with amazing architecture and monuments. One of the finest buildings in the city is the City Hall, beautiful structure, designed in Gothic Revival style, at the last decades of nineteenth century. If you like to see true, Gothic building from medieval times, go for a tour to headquarter of City Museum, it is very rare example of secular building founded in the medieval times. The capital is also filled with monuments designed in Classical style. The nice example is Cinquantenaire building, with amazing gazebo at the center of it. Another, nice classical building is Palace of Justice, founded in the late, eighteenth century. In Brussels you can also find big district with many of modern skyscrapers, part of it those are headquarter of important, European institutions.

Another attractions

One of the nicest monuments in capital of Belgium is Atomium, huge statue, which looks like molecules, made of steel. It is popular meeting place for inhabitants and travelers. If you like to see some decent pieces of art, do not miss a tour the Magritte Museum. This amazing painter, named Rene, is probably the most popular, Belgium artists and one of the finest surrealists. In the entire area of Brussels you will find very odd but charming statue of small boy who is peeing, Manneken Pis. First of those was founded in the beginning of seventeenth century!