Reasons to visit Latvia

Latvia is still not very popular tourist destination. Many people, while planning their holiday, plan to go rather somewhere else, in different direction. However, it might be a mistake. Latvia is a great country and has plenty to offer to every tourist.
The great news is that nowadays there are many cheap flights to Riga, the capital city of Latvia. Thanks to this, it is very easy to find good connection in reasonable price for example for a short weekend trip. And you will definitely fall in love with Riga, there is no doubt about that! This magical city is listed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage list. In Riga you can see an amazing blend of quick modern live and traditional heritage.  If you are a fun of good architecture, you also won’t be disappointed, as you can see there many pearls of architecture. City’s architecture is both diverse and beautiful. Furthermore, Riga is also described as the culture capital of Balkans, as there is a very dynamic cultural life. Once you are there, you can visit the Latvian National Opera and Ballet, where world class artist are regular guests. There are also many pubs and clubs, so everybody who likes the night life will not be disappointed neither.

However, maybe the best thing about Latvia is its nature. Half of this country is consisted of natural ecosystems that are largely untouched. You just have to admit that it is impressing! There are many amazing places where every fan of nature will be simply delightful with! There are four national parks and all of them are equally amazing. For example, there is the Gauja National Park where you can admire more than 500 historical and cultural monuments! There is also the magical city which is called Jurmala, with beautiful beaches located along a peninsula. You can also visit the place called Cape Kolka, where two seas “meet”. Actually, it is a “meeting” point for Gulf of Riga and the Baltic Sea. Check flights: It is also a place of migratory birds in spring. All of these factors make this place so magical and unique! Furthermore, once you are in Latvia, you will have a chance to see the Europe’s widest waterfall. The Ventas Rumba is really wide – 816 feet wide! This is really incredible view!
As you can see, Latvia has plenty to visit to every visitor. People who have visited this small country, very often come back there, as it is difficult not to fall in love with Latvia! And thanks to cheap flights to Riga, such trip cna be really affordable!