Plan Your future vacations smart

Beginning of new years is a time, when a lot of people start to wondering about next vacations. After winter most of us are looking for a sun, so watching a pictures from exotic resorts is very tempting. If you better like to plan your vacation by yourself, instead using travel agencies offers, you need to remember about several regulations.

Cheapest flight

airplane travelIn most of the times our vacation planning starts with booking a flight (lot). However, this rules is not goo every time. For example if you like to visit USA you will need a special visa, and formalities to do so will take couple of months. Also, not everyone is getting it so buying a ticket before knowing if you will get a visa is not very smart. In other occasions early booking is perfect option. Cause most of airline carriers are offering good deals just at the beginning of sales. Thanks to that you may spend on the same ticket even two time less money! If you haven’t choose yet your precise destination, and your holidays are very close, you should check out last minute option. It is great opportunity to travel for a penny, you have to try it.


Probably the biggest amount of money during the trip we will spend on hotels. That is why, while doing vacation planning, we shouldn’t forget about that. In most of destinations, especially those popular among travelers, you have many different option of accommodation to choose. First is hotel, from one to five stars. If you like to have enough comfort with good price three stars object will be enough. In your room you will have clean sheets and towels, private bathroom and even a TV screen! But a lot cheaper option will be hostel. This type of object usually is situated close to the main monuments and y7ou won’t spend entire fortune on it. However, some hostels are offering only big rooms, so you will have to share your with another travelers.

Another information

Depending on destination you are choosing, another culture you will meet, you have to remember about that during vacation planning. The most complex situation is in Muslim countries, but not in every of those. If you are planning to visit touristic resorts in Egypt or Tunis you don’t need to be afraid about anything, they are very easygoing. But women shouldn’t going through the beach topless, it is in very bad taste. Totally different situation is in UAE, it is rich but traditional country. Women need to take care of themselves, cause local law is very strict for them.