How to plan vacation in Tokyo?

Japan for most of Polish people always was unreachable country, where only the richest citizens can travel. However, since last couple of years flights to this country are cheaper then ever, so even less wealthy individuals can afford it. But how to prepare for a road like that? And which attractions in Tokyo are worth to be seen?

Travel planning with PLL LOT

Polish citizens need to have a travel visa to enter the Japan. However every person will get it on the airport in Tokyo at the arrival. It is free of charge and valid for three months, it is only for traveling purposes. Climate in capital of Japan is similar like in Poland so you should book flight ( for dates between April and September. It is warm and sunny season, just perfect for sightseeing. Remember to book your flight about six months before the road, to make sure you are getting nicest offer. You have two option to choose. More expensive is one flight from Warsaw to Tokyo, without any transfers. Another one is also from Warsaw, but with stopover in Moscow. No matter which option you will choose, prepare for a long trip. Remember to take a walk from time to time, it could help you to avoid the inception of cloths in your veins.


If you have never been to Asia before prepare to see big crowd on the streets of Tokyo. This is a home for over 20 millions of people, and population is still growing! Take a walk through the city Tokyocenter, it is filled with tall buildings with colorful neon signs on it, the light is never go out there. If you like to see metropolis from the bigger distance take a ride o the top of Skytree Tower, where you will find an observation deck. If you are travelling to the Tokyo at the start of April, don’t miss a walk to Ueno Park. This is one of the few area of greens in the city, you will find in there over 200 trees of cherry, which are blooming in spring. The view is very amazing. Capital of Japan is also a house for Disneyland, the biggest amusement park in Japan. This is great place not only for small children but also an adults.

Spirit of Orient

Even if Tokyo is such a modern city, you can still see in there artifacts of ancient history, especially in architecture.

At the entire area of metropolis you can admire lovely buildings, great example or Asian architecture. Take a tour to the Senso-ji, sophisticated temple of Buddha, or Meiji Shrine, memorial building, dedicated to the former royal family. Besides, part of the Cesarean Residence is opened for travelers, you can see in there extraordinary interior design.