Plan the perfect holidays

At the end of the winter, people are tired of cold and dark days and are starting to plan future holidays. Nowadays Polish travellers has a lot of options to choose, cause airline tickets are getting cheaper each year. Most of them are choosing European destinations, mostly southern resorts. But even intercontinental journey doesn’t have to be expensive, you just need to organize it properly.

Look for the best flights

AirplaneDoesn’t matter if you like to travel to Asia, America or Africa, if you start holiday planning couple months earlier you got a big chance to find the lowest prices. First minute option is very popular right now, airline companies are offering attractive connections and you don’t have to be rich to try it. If you are interested in United States the best option is to travel from Berlin or London, tickets could be even two times cheaper than from Warsaw. But remember, if you like to visit this country, you need to have a special visa. Not everyone is getting it, so you should deal with it first, and then book a flight. Another good aspect of earlier planning is an opportunity to get a cheaper accommodation. International websites dedicated to this matter are offering first minute options very often.

What about the baggage?

Intercontinental connections aren’t as cheap as those on area of Europe, also if we are thinking about the baggage. That is why you have to choose the additional baggage wisely. If you are travelling with friends you can share one, extra bag, it could be very big, so it should be enough for two weeks trip. Also, in price of a ticket you can take one, medium size bag on board. It is a lot of space, but you have to remember, that there’s a lot of items you cannot bring on board with you. All the liquids should be placed in a small, transparent bottles, one person can take 1 kilo of liquids top. Also, the objects with sharp edges are forbidden, so you better live your knife or scissors in the house.

Prepare for the flight

Intercontinental flights can be very unpleasant and even dangerous for your health. During long, lasting twelve hours trip, passengers aren’t moving very much, so blood cloths may appears in their veins. It is especially common in case of women. But if you prepare yourself good enough you should be fine. Just before the road you have to take a longer walk or even go for jogging. It will speed up the circulation of the blood. And during holiday planning remember about any entertainment to take on board. Good book or magazine should be enough.