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Brussels – the double capital

Brussels (the official name is the City of Brussels) is a city placed in Belgium. It is the capital of the country where live about 180,000 people. However, the majority of people know the city as the capital of the European Union because there is placed the administrative centre of the European Parliament.


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Tokyo 2

How to plan vacation in Tokyo?

Japan for most of Polish people always was unreachable country, where only the richest citizens can travel. However, since last couple of years flights to this country are cheaper then ever, so even less wealthy individuals can afford it. But how to prepare for a road like that? And which attractions in Tokyo are worth to be seen?


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Why visit New York at least once in a lifetime?

Many people know New York, even though they have never been there. This city is present in many movies as well as in many series. Therefore, it is very popular. New York has also plenty to offer to any visitor. And everybody should visit it at least once in a lifetime. (more…)

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Vienna – Paris of central Europe

Depending on preferred activities of our, we like to spend our holidays in a different way. Some of us, like to visiting tropical resorts, to lay on a beach entire day and do nothing.  Other people like adventures, therefore are going to exotic places, like Indie or Vietnam, to met different culture. On the other hand, many of tourists better like to enjoy sightseeing in great European metropolis. If you prefer this last option, you are able to try it in very reasonable price, using cheap airline carrier’s connections. On of the most popular destinations is Vienna, capital of Austria. (more…)

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Frankfurt is full of art and history!

Frankfurt, also knowns as Frankfurt am Main, is one of the biggest German cities. It is one of the most important economic as well as commercial centres in the whole Europe. Many people associate Frankfurt with business so much, that they forget about one important thing – this city is not only about business and economics. (more…)

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