Nice trip to Brussels

People who are living in Poland right now, have a lot more opportunities to travel across the Europe than their parents in the same age. It is all thanks to membership in EU, we get a lot more wealthy and a lot of small airline companies arrived in the country. That is why if you are looking for decent place for vacation you may go to the capital of Belgium.

Flight of bus?

This amazing city is situated about fifteen hours drive from Poland, but a lot of private buses are available. Nothing surprising in that, a lot of Polish citizens are working in Brussels, and still some people are terrified by flights LOT. If you have a problem like that, you may buy a ticket for a bus, journey in both sides will cost you about 200 zlotys. A lot cheaper and of course more comfortable will be a trip by plane. If you buy the ticket couple of months before the road the price in both sides won’t be bigger than 150 zlotys, and a journey will take about two hours.


Capital f Belgium is not very popular, but it architecture is one of the finest in Europe, country always was very wealthy. First of all you need to visit the Great Square, one of the oldest parts of Brussels. It still has a remains of medieval fortification, entire place is surrounded by amazing mansion from many different periods of time, like Baroque or Renaissance for example. One of the finest is Maison de la Brouette, Baroque house, former residence of important merchant. The finest monument in there is the City Hall, build in the late medieval times in a Gothic style. There are also many interesting statues, situated on the entire area of city. one of nicest is Congress Column, also Baroque one. And if you are looking for any decent church, go for a trip to Saint Michael cathedral, astonishing building designed in Gothic style. Also interior design is medieval, you need to see it.

Another attractions

The most popular meeting spot in Brussels is the Atomium, very huge statue of an atom, all the travelers are taking pictures in front of it. Another nice attraction is Manneken Pis, a statue of a small boy who is urinating. It is very old object, founded in the beginning of seventeenth century. Another nice area to explore is Mini Europe. It is huge exhibition of the most popular monuments in entire continent, shrank to very small sizes. And if you wish to explore some nice pieces of art, you have to visit Royal Galleries. It is filled with masterpieces of Rubens, Rembrandt, Magritte and many more.