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Prague – Paris of central European

Most of us like to travel to another places, to do some sightseeing and to get to know another culture. But unfortunately, nor everybody is able to take entire week off from work. For those people, the best option will be to have a longer weekend trip, to one of the amazing European metropolis. You already have been in most of Eastern capitals? You should try something also amazing but much more local, Paris of central Europe, the capital of Czech Republic. (more…)

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Have a vacation of your life in Moscow

In present times, tourists, also Polish ones, have plenty of possibilities to travel. We can go not only for local seashore or mountains, we can even visit distant continents, without spending a fortune on that. Because of this fact, a lot of as have problem with choosing interesting destination, because of multiples options. If you think you have been almost everywhere, you should consider Russia. Even if this country is really close to Poland, not so much tourists are visiting it. But they should, cause it is amazing place. (more…)

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Reasons to visit Latvia

Latvia is still not very popular tourist destination. Many people, while planning their holiday, plan to go rather somewhere else, in different direction. However, it might be a mistake. Latvia is a great country and has plenty to offer to every tourist. (more…)

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Travel to Vienna for a penny

Nowadays, Polish citizens have much more options for holidays then ever before. We are allowed to travel to far away continents, like America or Australia, without spending a fortune on it. Also, we can have a city break in one of the European metropolis, using cheap airline connections. One of the interesting option is Vienna, one of the prettiest capitals in entire world. (more…)

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Travel for a song whole around Europe

Nowadays, young citizens of Poland are traveling a lot more then their parents in the same age. Nothing surprising in that, back in ninety’s, there were only one airline company, international and very expensive, only richest people can afford to use their services. At the moment, plenty of various small carriers are opening their connections in Poland, their prices are very reasonable, so plenty of people are using it, especially within Europe.   (more…)

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