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Vacation with children: how to organise it?

Travelling with children is not always easy. Many parents do not decide on any longer trips when they have a little child. (more…)

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Nice trip to Brussels

People who are living in Poland right now, have a lot more opportunities to travel across the Europe than their parents in the same age. It is all thanks to membership in EU, we get a lot more wealthy and a lot of small airline companies arrived in the country. (more…)

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Poznan trip

Amazing weekend in Poznan

After Poland join European Union, plenty of good things happen in our country. Not only people where able to work abroad, but also travel without any barriers trough entire Europe. (more…)

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Chicago travel

Chicago – a city worth visiting this year!

Chicago is an American city located in the state Illinois by the edges of Lake Michigan. It is the third most populous city of the United States. (more…)

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Weekend in Szczecin – the best attractions

Poland is very popular among travelers from Europe, especially those from Germany and United Kingdom. The most common destinations are Wroclaw and Cracow, but there are a lot more cities worth to be visited. One of those is Szczecin, beautiful town situated in the northern-west part of Poland. (more…)

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