Lviv – great idea for city break

History of Europe is very interesting. During thousands years of civilization in there, a lot of events took place. Also Poland us to be very important player in the games of Old Continent’s kings. During many years, borders of our country were very flexible, changing it position from time to time. Because of events after World War Two, we lost Lviv, one of the most important cities, to Ukraine. That is why, nowadays a lot of tourists decide to take a trip to this place, because it is part of our rich history.

If you like to be one of theme, you have an opportunity to find flights to Lviv in very reasonable price – check on All because of small airline companies, which are opening more and more connections in Poland, each year. But how to book the cheapest tickets? It is not very difficult, you only need to fallow certain rules. First of all, you should decide on certain date, several months before your flight. Cause sooner you book it less you will pay for that. Weather in there is the best during the summer, that is why you better start looking for a ticket at the beginning of a year. Another method to save some money, is on your luggage. If you are planning to spend in Lviv only one week, you should be all right just with checked baggage, which is free of charge. You will fit in there a lot of stuff, including cosmetics.suburbs-745179_640

But which interesting monuments are worth to boo flights to Lviv? Mostly all of them. At every corner of the old town, you will be able to notice traces of Polish culture. First of all, still a lot of it citizens are living in there, speaking Polish language and fallow traditions f our land. In the local, National Museum, you will have an opportunity to see plenty of fascinating pieces of art, made by Polish artists. Paintings, statues, manuscripts and a lot more. If you decide to travel to Lviv, you shouldn’t miss a our to Drugstore Museum. It is great place, with authentic, renovated very well, apothecary furniture, old prescriptions, medicines and a lot more. This place were opened in the early nineteenth century. Maybe this city is not overhaul very well after all, but thanks to that, you can still feel the spirit of former times.

If you are fan of Polish history, you need to book flights to Lviv immediately. It is city very important in our culture, in which you will find plenty of interesting monuments. Thanks to cheap airline companies, you don’t need to spend a fortune to go there, you only need to book ticket several months ahead.