Holidays of a lifetime in Tokyo

Since last, several years Polish travellers get an opportunity to travel whole around the world, without spending a fortune on journey. The reason of this situation is huge discounts of airline tickets, offered by plenty of international carriers. One of the most interesting locations to visit is Tokyo, the capital of Japan. How to travel there for a song? And which attractions are worth to be seen in there? See more.

Before the journey

Tokyo CityIf you like to get the cheapest ticket to Tokyo possible you need to plan the trip several months earlier. Airline companies are opening new connections each six months, at the start you can get even 50% discount! To find the best deals on flights you should fallow travel websites, which are announcing big occasions each day. If you are not afraid of risk you can also try a last minute offer. In that case tickets will be even cheaper, but option is available only few days before the flight. Another important issue is preparation before the flight. Journey to the Japan is very long, so you should take care of your health. During the journey which is taking about twelve hours many people may suffer of blood clothes in their veins. To avoid it, you should take a longer walk just before the flight, it will speed up the blood pressure. Also, try to get up and take a walk on board, every two or three minutes.


Tokyo is very amazing metropolis, where modern architecture meets older, oriental one. In the modern center of it you will be able to see plenty of skyscrapers, a lot of those are the tallest on entire world. One of the most interesting is Tokyo Skytree, in which you will visit a planetarium. The building also has a huge observation deck at the top floor. Next, nice skyscraper is Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. You shouldn’t also miss a chance to visit Takeshita street, pedestrian shopping center with a lot of colourful neon signs. But the most amazing monuments of the capital are connected with oriental culture of Japan. One of the finest building is Caesarian Palace, main residence of Japanese overlord. Part of it chambers is opened for visitors almost every day. Even gardens which are situated around the palace are amazing. If you wish to see some example of oriental sacral architecture, go for a tour to Yushima temple. Japan also has one of the biggest Disneylands on the entire world, situated in the middle of island. If you like to see cherry trees in bloom, go to the Inokashira park, it is amazing in March and April!