Great vacations in Scandinavia

When spring is coming, people begin to wonder about future holidays. We are planning it trough, thinking which destination will be the best for us. Some tourists are traveling to distant continents, another to European metropolis over the Mediterranean Sea, and some families prefer to stay in Poland. But another great idea, is to have a trip to Denmark, beautiful country in Scandinavia. Maybe it is not as popular as Spain for example, but place is really worth to be visited.

Using cheap flights to Denmark (, we are able to take a trip not only to Copenhagen, the capital, but also to another places, situated very near. First of all, if we are traveling with children, or we are fans of Lego’s, we need to visit it museum. We can admire in there or type of models, on which we use to play, back in our childhood. Also we can buy in there interesting pieces in very reasonable price. If you are a fan or wildlife, you can take part in a safari, one of the biggest places like that in Europe. You can go there on your fit, use local bus, or take a drive with rented or your own car. For a sightseeing in Copenhagen, you need to save not less then two days, cause this place has a lot to offer. City is very clean and charming, filled with spectacular buildings from each period of architecture, renovated very well. Also, you can see in there a statue of mermaid, dedicated to the great author, H. Ch. Andersen.
But how to find very cheap flights to Denmark? It is not very difficult, you only need to fallow certain rules. First of all, don’t forget to plan your journey at least three months ahead. In the other hand, if you decide on flight immediately, you can use last minute option. Offers like that can be found on dedicated web pages in the internet – you should start to fallow one of those.  Remember that Denmark lays in Scandinavia, therefore is the best to travel in there during the July or August – it’s the warmer. If you like to save even more money, you shouldn’t pay for additional, checked baggage. Carry -on should be enough, especially if you are planning to stay in there only for a week. All your clothes and cosmetics should fit in there.

Scandinavia became more and more popular land, especially for people who better like some sightseeing then to lay on a beach all day long. If you like, you can find very cheap flights to Denmark, very small but charming country, with plenty of amazing tourist attractions. During your trip you shouldn’t miss Copenhagen, the capital and Lego’s Museum.