Good reasons to visit Cyprus

These days, Cyprus becomes more and more popular among travellers and tourists. Almost everybody travels there – young and older people, families with children and newly married couple. And everybody can find something for himself / herself there. Therefore, if you haven’t visited Cyprus yet, you should definitely do this. Especially, that there are many good reasons for doing it.
First of all, there are many cheap flights Cyprus. Nowadays, when people are especially concerned about the cost of their holiday, this reason seems to be extremely important. Thanks to those cheap flights, almost everybody can afford it – both students and older people. And even if you have a bit more money, it is still good to flight for a better price, isn’t it? Money you save on this, you can spend for some pleasure while resting in Cyprus! Therefore, thanks to those cheap flights Cyprus seems to be a perfect holiday destination. However, it is not only about flights. There are also numerous other reasons why you should visit Cyprus. People there are extremely friendly. In fact, Cypriot are famous for their friendly nature and amazing hospitality. While going there for your holiday, you can be sure that you will meet the most welcoming people in the world! And they do love having fun. Possibly because of this, there are plenty of amazing festivals there. One of the most famous one is the Limassol Beer Festival, which is conducted in July.

However, possibly the main reasons why so many people make their mind to go to Cyprus are… great beaches – see with LOT. Cyprus has some of the most amazing beaches in the entire world. Beaches with golden sand and right next to blue, warm water. Furthermore, there are many wonderful resorts, which are literally a paradise for every tourist. Cyprus is also a perfect destination for everybody who prefer more active holidays. On the island you can find perfect places for trekking or long walks in the amazing surrounding and landscapes.  Furthermore, Cyprus has a very rich history – it is a place influenced by various cultures and civilization (for example: Greek, Roman and Byzantine). Thanks to this fact, tourists can visit such amazing places as for example the city of Nicosia with ancient city walls, the ruins of New Paphos, Curium and Kolossi Castle and many more. Furthermore, there are also many museums that present this rich history, as for example,  the Archaeological Museum in Ano Paphos, the Byzantine Museum or extremely interesting Ethnographical Museum.