Frankfurt is full of art and history!

Frankfurt, also knowns as Frankfurt am Main, is one of the biggest German cities. It is one of the most important economic as well as commercial centres in the whole Europe. Many people associate Frankfurt with business so much, that they forget about one important thing – this city is not only about business and economics.
In fact, Frankfurt is an extremely attractive tourist destination for everybody who is interested in museums in art. Actually, if you are one of those people, you should definitely visit Frankfurt somehow soon, as there are many places you will simply love! One of them is the Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art. The museum is so good that it is often described as one of the most important galleries of modern art in the entire Europe. The museum was open in 1991 and house the collection of such famous artists as for example Roy Lichtenstein, Francis Bacon and even Andy Warhol! Therefore, it is a definitely a must see place once you are in Frankfurt! In fact, many funs of modern art travel to this city especially to visit this famous museum!  However, Frankfurt has so much more to offer for everybody who wants to see the collection of the most famous art. For example, you will be able to see some works of Goya and Rembrandt (in museum called the Städel Art Museum) and many other famous modern artists (if you decide to visit the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt).wooden-houses-796386_640
Furthermore, Frankfurt is  a birthplace of famous German writer called Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Therefore, once you are there, you should definitely visit the Goethe House and Museum.  He was born in this house and spent the most of his life there. If you go there, you will be able to see his dining room and even the writing room, where many of his famous arts where written! Right next to the house, the Goethe Museum is located. There, you can admire various artworks of late Baroque and Romantic times. In Frankfurt there is also less known, but very interesting museum called the German Architecture Museum. In fact, it is the first European architecture museum. Nowadays, it is a prefect destination for any fun of urban planning, as it house exhibition regarding such themes as national architecture, as well as international one.
As you can see, Frankfurt ( has plenty to offer for everybody interested in art and history. Therefore, you should not believe in the first impression about business city. In fact, Frankfurt has plenty of different faces. And one of them is the face of being a capital of art and history. If you like them, you should definitely visit this city during the next holidays!