Fly to Scandinavia fast and easy

Most of Polish tourists, when they are planning summer vacations, they are choosing seaside resorts. Sometimes it is our Baltic, another time Mediterranean countries. More wealthy families, often are choosing trips to distant continents like Australia or America. If you are thinking about vacations and you like to be less conventional, you should consider to travel to Scandinavia, amazing land with plenty to offer.

If you decide to go there, the best option will be to book cheap flights to Norway. This country, even if it is not part of European Union, were open for Polish citizens to work in there legal. That is why, every single year plenty of our mates are traveling back and forth, so cheap airline companies are opening more and more connections. But if you like to get a ticket in very reasonable price, you need to be smart about it. The best months to visit Scandinavia is in July or August, cause it is the warmer. Therefore, to get cheap flights to Norway, you need to book it at the beginning of the year. Thanks to that, you will be able to travel for a song. Another good method of saving some cash is our luggage. If you are not planning to stay in there more than week, you don’t need to pay for checked baggage, cause carry-on should be enough, and it is free of charge.
After you booked your cheap flights to Norway, you need to plan your entire sightseeing. Of course, you have to spend some time in Oslo, the capital. This place, back in nineteenth century were called Christania, and it was founded at the beginning of tenth century. Nowadays, we can meet in there plenty of modern skyscrapers, but also interesting old buildings from each period of time. One of the nicest architectural attraction will be Royal Castle, still main quarter of king of Norway. Also, if you like art, you can go to the museum of the most popular painter from this land, Edvard Munch. Or maybe you are interested in Vikings? Right outside the center of the city you can visit entire museum dedicated to this brave warriors. But Norway is not only Oslo, you need to take a trip to the fjords, one of the most amazing aspect of nature in this area.

If you like to visit Scandinavia, you need to book cheap flights to Norway, immediately. This amazing country will please each type of tourists, doesn’t matter if you are woman or man, children or adult. Oslo, the capital is very modern, but you can find in there also very old buildings. And don’t miss fjords, true signature of this country.