Exotic holidays? Choose Thailand

When Poland became member of European Union, a lot of things had change in our country. People were able to work outside the borders, totally legal, so it was important for theme to have good mode of transportation. Because of that, small airline companies start to open their branches in Poland. They were offering much better deals of flights, so Polish tourists get an opportunity to travel whole around the world for a penny. You like to visit some distant place? You need to try Asia – only with LOT.

If you will be smart enough, and fallow certain rules, you will be able to get airline tickets to Thailand in very reasonable price. Maybe it is not as cheap as flights within the Europe, but it is even three times less expensive then it was before. To plan journey this kind, first you need to pick a date. Remember that Thailand lays in another climate zone, during our summer, they have plenty of rains. But thanks to that, when in Poland is cold and depressing, you can enjoy lovely summer in January, while visiting south Asia. When you decide on your date, you should buy ticket immediately, the best price can be found while purchasing even half a year ahead. When you are organizing a trip on your own, without using help of tourism agencies, don’t forget to prepare very well before your trip. Remember that Thailand is exotic country, so you need to take several vaccines, to avoid diseases, sometimes very danger ones.
Also, after you book your airline tickets to Thailand, you need to decide where you like to spend your vacations exactly. For sure you need to visit Bangkok, the capital, but don’t spend in there more than several days, cause it is to loud in there. But if you have never been to that huge metropolis, you will be surprised about crowd on the streets, plenty of cars on roads, and all those amazing skyscrapers. Outside the city you will meet with old fashion culture of Thais. It is recommended to rent a car, to have a long trip to some villages. You will enjoy beautiful ancient buildings in there, founded in totally different then in Europe, oriental style. Also, while visiting some local village, you need to try some cuisine, it will be the most authentic in there.

If you like to see the land, where skyscrapers meets the ancient oriental culture, book airline tickets to Thailand immediately. This amazing land became very popular, especially since cheap airline companies open their connections. Don’t forget to take some vaccines before your trip, and pick good month for it.