Chicago – a city worth visiting this year!

Chicago is an American city located in the state Illinois by the edges of Lake Michigan. It is the third most populous city of the United States. Chicago is often called the city of skyscrapers. It is the beautiful and impressive example of modern metropolitan architecture that are really landmarks of the city. Chicago has many interesting tourist attractions dedicated to tourists at various ages and needs. However, admission tickets are often quite expensive. So how can you visit the city, reduce the expenses and still have fun? It is worth knowing what attractions are available for free. Luckily, some museums are open to visitors free of charges every day. Others can be visited for free only on selected days of the week or month. This article will point out two examples of places that can be visited by everyone, for free.

Chicago panoramaThe first museum is dedicated to the art fans. It is called Smart Museum of Art and it is placed on the campus of the University of Chicago. The museum focuses on art from different periods of time, from different corners of the globe. The visitors may find there masterpieces by Asian, European as well as American artists. The most significant paintings are made by Paul Delvaux, Childe Hassam, Norman Lewis and few more. What is more, the museum exhibits also modern paintings by contemporary artists. The museum is available for free, from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm. What is more, on Thursday, the museum is opened longer, from 10am to 8pm.

The second place worth visiting for free is the Lincoln Park Zoo – fly with PLL LOT. It is a 35-acre (14ha) zoo located in the Lincoln Park in Chicago. It was established in 1868 and it is considered to be one of the oldest zoos placed in the North America. What is more, the zoo is available for free and it provides an interesting way of spending your free time. The zoo is a home for over 1,100 animals and if you are interested in getting to know them better, you may see them at Cannon Drive. The zoo is opened at different hours, dependable on the time of the year. The detailed information about the zoo and working hours you will find at the official website dedicated to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Visiting Chicago does not have to mean empty wallet. You can learn more about history of the city and its greatest artists without spending a cent. Furthermore, if you love nature and animals, you may enjoy your free time in parks and in Lincoln Park Zoo where live amazing animals.