Buy the best valise for Your holidays

At the moment, most of the people, who are traveling to another countries from Poland for holidays, are using airplanes as their mode of transportation. Nothing surprising in that, cause it is cheap, comfortable and popular way to reach the best destinations. However, if you are going to enjoy the flight for a first time, you need to get proper valise – see more.

Types of baggage

Depending on option you are going to choose, another valise will be perfect for you. The cheapest alternative is to book a flight without additional bag. Cause most of the carriers are offering one, carry on bag in the price of a ticket. It is medium size valise, so it should be enough for a one week trip. Also, you can bring additional, smaller bag on board with you – it may be bigger purse or a backpack. If you think, that one valise won’t be enough for your needs, you may pay for additional baggage. The option costs about 100 zlotys, and if you buy it, you will be able to take even bigger valise, which will be transferred inside of a storage cabinet. That’s mean, that it may contains items, which are forbidden into the carry on bag, like plenty of liquids, food, alcohol, cigarettes and objects with sharp edges.

Perfect purchase

If you are going to buy a valise only valid on board, it should have measurements like: 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm and it shouldn’t be heavier than 10 kilos. Fortunately, because of huge popularity of small, airline companies, most of the bags available in shops are in this size. If you like our valise to last longer than for one season, you shouldn’t buy the cheapest option. Unfortunately nowadays cheap valises are very weak, even if they look solid. To avoid situation like that you should do some research before your shopping. The best opportunity is to buy valise during the sales, which are available every year, in January and July. In those months you may pay even 50 % less for the same product. If you don’t have a time to wait so long, you can try online, cause there’re plenty of nice discounts on valises available in there.

When you decided to pay for additional bag, you can bring another valise in size like: 81 cm x 119 cm x 119 cm, not heavier than 20 kilos. It is big enough to collect belongings for two persons, you may share it with another passenger from your trip. Remember while you will be packing, to make sure you don’t have any excess baggage, cause the fee for that will be very big. For each kilo you will have to pay about 10 Euros.