Bucharest – perfect destination for a weekend trip

Even though Bucharest is still not the most popular tourist destination, it is extremely interesting city. Therefore, if you have not been there yet, it might be the perfect time to change it (LOT).
Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, is easily reachable – there are many flights to Bucharest. Thanks to this, it is a perfect destination not only for long holidays, but also for a weekend trip. In Bucharest it is easy to see amazing mix and bled of history and modernity, relax and vibrant places. One thing is sure – this city is unique and has a lot of different faces. And every tourist will find there something particularly interesting and engaging just for himself / herself. For example, if you are a fun of old churches, Bucharest will be a paradise for you! There are hundreds of them in Bucharest and each of them has its own unique story. As faith among Romanian society is still very important, those churches are well kept and quite busy. Furthermore, Bucharest is a very green city. There are dozens of different parks, where you can rent a bicycle or make a picnic with your family or friends. Many of those parks have some great things inside them, as for example lakes or animals such as swans or peacock.

Furthermore, Bucharest has amazing and beautiful architecture. In fact, many people compare its architecture to the one in Paris or Istanbul. Even though it sounds unbelievable, once you decide to visit Bucharest, you will have a chance to see it on your own eyes! There are also many museums, which are definitely worth to visit. One of them is the National Museum of Art of Romania, where you can admire both Romanian as well as international art collections. And the building where the museum is located is equally impressive!  But this is only an example – there are many museums and galleries, that every art lover will find extremely interesting. Even though they are not so famous as those in other capital cities, they are equally interesting. And there is one thing that is even better about them – there are not so crowded! In fact, this is one of the best thing about visiting Bucharest – you can admire this extraordinary city without crazy crowds of tourists around you. However, more and more people start to appreciate the unique beauty of Bucharest and there are more and more travellers there every year. Therefore, it is a really good moment to visit the country, before tourists will start coming there. And it is unavoidable!