Armenia – vanguard idea for holidays

When spring is arriving, all of us start to thinking about summer holidays. Nothing surprising in that, days are longer, we are admiring first rays of the sun. Nowadays, thanks to cheap airline companies, Polish citizens are able to travel whole around the world, without spending entire fortune on it. Most of us are choosing typical resorts, like Barcelona or Korfu. But if you get tired of those places, you should try something more exotic, like Armenia, which became very popular lately – fly with LOT Airlines.

Have you ever heard about this country? Probably yes, because it has very sad history. During Great War, millions of it inhabitants were murdered by Turkish people, because of Catholic faith. A lot of survivors spread whole around the world, and become to live in diaspora. Now war is over, and you are able to find flights to Armenia in very reasonable prices, most of them to Yerevan, the capital. It is very beautiful place, you won’t find in there remains of former war, only memorial statue founded for all citizens which were killed. If you like architecture, you will be very pleased to visit this city. It is filled with interesting buildings, from each periods of time – even ancient temple, renovated very well, can be find in there.
But how to get flights to Armenia and not spending a fortune on it? It is no very hard, you only need to fallow certain rules. First of all, you should pick good date. Try to avoid hot season, like July and August, when most of the people decide to travel. You better go there during the spring. Weather is fantastic then, the best for sightseeing. Also, there will be less people on the streets, so you will be able to relax more. The cheapest flights to Armenia can be found on the special pages with great holidays deals. So you better start to fallow one of it. Also, if you like to save even more cash, you need to think about your luggage. Cause if you are going for your vacations only for one week, you should be all right with carry-on baggage. You don’t need to pay for it, like for checked one, and you should fit inside of it all of your clothes and cosmetics.

If you are interested in history, you like to travel to amazing places with a lot of stories to be told, you should book flights to Armenia immediately. This amazing country, especially it capital, Yerevan, is really amazing. To enjoy your holidays the most, you should save some pocket money. To do so, try to find the cheapest tickets, by using dedicated web pages for it.