Amazing weekend in Poznan

After Poland join European Union, plenty of good things happen in our country. Not only people where able to work abroad, but also travel without any barriers trough entire Europe. That is why even foreigners like to visit Poland, cause prices of airline tickets are lower than ever. One of the most popular destination is Poznan, city filled with attractions.

Amazing architecture

Nowadays most people don’t remember, that Poznan used to be the capital of Poland, back in early medieval times. Maybe we won’t find as old monuments in there, however still we may contemplate beautiful architecture. The biggest amount of those may be found in Main Square area. In the center of it Old City Hall is placed. This is very interesting and extraordinary building, founded in Renaissance style. It is also popular because of two, small somersaults made of wood, which are jumping up and down external walls. Poznan was planed according to German law, therefore plenty of small, narrow streets meets in the Main Square. This area is surrounded by plenty of mansions from various styles, placed side by side. You will see in there each époque you like: Mannerism, Baroque, Classical and some Revival as well.

Ostrow Tumski

Poznan travelThis area of Poznan, situated on a small island, is also nice place to contemplate architecture. It is the oldest area in the city, it mostly belonging to the local church. That is why Ostrow will be a lot of fun for admirers of sacral architecture. One of the finest in there is Saint Paul and Peter cathedral, the oldest in Poznan, designed in Gothic style. Also, in this area you can see some old mansions, also Gothic, it is very rare. Ostrow is great place to spend sunny day or even evening. After the dark entire island is illuminated in very charming way

Another attractions

In this amazing city even admirers of animals will feel excellent. Poznan has two big zoologist gardens, New and Old. Second one is mostly sanctuary for farm animals, you may find in there foxes, pigs or cows. New is typical garden with many of exotic species. You will meet in there with lions, tigers, giraffes, penguins and many, many more. If you are interested into art you need to visit National Museum, filled with great exponents. It is decent opportunity to get to know Polish painters, like Witkacy, Gierymski, Matejko or Malczewski. People who are travelling with kids may visit Blubry, interactive museum of Poznan’s legends and fairy tales. It is modern and colorful event, you shouldn’t miss it!