Month: December 2017

Aircraft traveling

Plan the perfect holidays

At the end of the winter, people are tired of cold and dark days and are starting to plan future holidays. Nowadays Polish travellers has a lot of options to choose, cause airline tickets are getting cheaper each year. Most of them are choosing European destinations, mostly southern resorts. (more…)

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Weekend in Szczecin – the best attractions

Poland is very popular among travelers from Europe, especially those from Germany and United Kingdom. The most common destinations are Wroclaw and Cracow, but there are a lot more cities worth to be visited. One of those is Szczecin, beautiful town situated in the northern-west part of Poland. (more…)

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Summer holidays in Brussels

At the first weeks of new year, people start to wondering about future vacations. Most of the Polish travelers preferring warm and sunny destinations, situated in southern Europe. However, if you better like to spend the days on sightseeing than on the beach, you should go to one of metropolis, (more…)

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Holidays of a lifetime in Tokyo

Since last, several years Polish travellers get an opportunity to travel whole around the world, without spending a fortune on journey. The reason of this situation is huge discounts of airline tickets, offered by plenty of international carriers. One of the most interesting locations to visit is Tokyo, the capital of Japan. (more…)

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