Month: October 2016


Business trip to Belarus

Since Belarus became part of European Union, a lot of things had change, not only in there, but also in Poland. Now it is much more easy for our businessmen to sell their products in this developing country. That is why, plenty of investors are traveling back and forth, thinking how to gain some money on this events. If you are one of those individuals, you are probably planning your first trip to Belarus. Luckily, this country has plenty of airports, so you can go there by plane. (more…)

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Lviv – great idea for city break

History of Europe is very interesting. During thousands years of civilization in there, a lot of events took place. Also Poland us to be very important player in the games of Old Continent’s kings. During many years, borders of our country were very flexible, changing it position from time to time. Because of events after World War Two, we lost Lviv, one of the most important cities, to Ukraine. That is why, nowadays a lot of tourists decide to take a trip to this place, because it is part of our rich history. (more…)

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Travel to Larnaca for a penny

Since Poland became part of European Union, a lot things had change. Now, we are able to work in another countries, which are part of this community, including United Kingdom. Because of that, a lot of Polish families move there, because level of live is much more easy. If you are living in a capital of England, you are able to travel whole around the world for a song. All because of cheap airline companies, which offers very great deals from this country. If you don’t know where to go, you should consider Cyprus, lovely island on the Eastern Mediterranean. (more…)

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Great vacations in Scandinavia

When spring is coming, people begin to wonder about future holidays. We are planning it trough, thinking which destination will be the best for us. Some tourists are traveling to distant continents, another to European metropolis over the Mediterranean Sea, and some families prefer to stay in Poland. But another great idea, is to have a trip to Denmark, beautiful country in Scandinavia. Maybe it is not as popular as Spain for example, but place is really worth to be visited. (more…)

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Milan – the magical city

If you still don’t know where to go for your holiday, you should not worry. There are many amazing places all around Europe, which you can visit without planning your visits for months. There is also one magical city, which is perfect for holidays. (more…)

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