Month: September 2016


Travel to Krakow in reasonable price

Since Poland become member of European Union, a lot of things had change. Now, we are able to travel whole around the world for a penny, using services of cheap airline corporations. They opened branches in our country, because citizens begin to migrate to another members of EU. But not only trips between other countries became more available. Also domestic connections are cheaper then ever before. Because of that, you shouldn’t miss a chance to visit our former capital. (more…)

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Prague – Paris of central European

Most of us like to travel to another places, to do some sightseeing and to get to know another culture. But unfortunately, nor everybody is able to take entire week off from work. For those people, the best option will be to have a longer weekend trip, to one of the amazing European metropolis. You already have been in most of Eastern capitals? You should try something also amazing but much more local, Paris of central Europe, the capital of Czech Republic. (more…)

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Fly to Scandinavia fast and easy

Most of Polish tourists, when they are planning summer vacations, they are choosing seaside resorts. Sometimes it is our Baltic, another time Mediterranean countries. More wealthy families, often are choosing trips to distant continents like Australia or America. If you are thinking about vacations and you like to be less conventional, you should consider to travel to Scandinavia, amazing land with plenty to offer. (more…)

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Have a vacation of your life in Moscow

In present times, tourists, also Polish ones, have plenty of possibilities to travel. We can go not only for local seashore or mountains, we can even visit distant continents, without spending a fortune on that. Because of this fact, a lot of as have problem with choosing interesting destination, because of multiples options. If you think you have been almost everywhere, you should consider Russia. Even if this country is really close to Poland, not so much tourists are visiting it. But they should, cause it is amazing place. (more…)

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Why you should visit Lithuania?

If you are looking for a holiday inspiration, we have a perfect idea for you. There is a small European country, which is becoming more and more popular among tourists. Many of them simply fall in love with this magical country. (more…)

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