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Frankfurt is full of art and history!

Frankfurt, also knowns as Frankfurt am Main, is one of the biggest German cities. It is one of the most important economic as well as commercial centres in the whole Europe. Many people associate Frankfurt with business so much, that they forget about one important thing – this city is not only about business and economics. (more…)

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Warsaw – a city of beautiful history

There are many different reasons why it is worth to visit Warsaw. For example, there is a very good night life, with plenty of good clubs and pubs. Once you are there, you can also try Polish traditional, delicious cuisine. And there are much more. (more…)

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How to prepare for the first flight?

Nowadays, people are traveling whole around the world, using airplanes as their main modes of transportations. Nothing surprising in that, this method is very comfortable, safe and fast, and also in some occasions, thanks to cheap carriers, it is really in very reasonable price. Poland is a developing country, but after we became member of European Union, a lo of new connections were opened from here. You are planning your first trip by plane? Here are some hints for you. (more…)

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Business trip to Belarus

Since Belarus became part of European Union, a lot of things had change, not only in there, but also in Poland. Now it is much more easy for our businessmen to sell their products in this developing country. That is why, plenty of investors are traveling back and forth, thinking how to gain some money on this events. If you are one of those individuals, you are probably planning your first trip to Belarus. Luckily, this country has plenty of airports, so you can go there by plane. (more…)

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Lviv – great idea for city break

History of Europe is very interesting. During thousands years of civilization in there, a lot of events took place. Also Poland us to be very important player in the games of Old Continent’s kings. During many years, borders of our country were very flexible, changing it position from time to time. Because of events after World War Two, we lost Lviv, one of the most important cities, to Ukraine. That is why, nowadays a lot of tourists decide to take a trip to this place, because it is part of our rich history. (more…)

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